About Us


PsyGenics, Inc. is extremely proud and honored to be a part of your community.

As a provider of ConsumerLink Network, PsyGenics is a comprehensive service provider in community mental health specializing in serving the developmentally disabled community.

Focusing on individualized, comprehensive care, PsyGenics provides the full array of services that you or your loved one may be eligible for. Services include Supports Coordination, psychological and psychiatric care, behavior modification, respite services, community living supports, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy as well as family training, individual therapy and support. We also provide coordination and assistance in supportive housing, skill building, Project SEARCH, Re-think Autism, P.L.A.Y. Project as well as guardianship and power of attorney.

In addition, PsyGenics, Inc. is committed to the total health of a person and is excited to also offer our Link to Wellness Program. Our Link to Wellness program provides health assessments and individualized treatment plans that are practical and monitored by our nurses. The Link to Wellness Program also provides education and training to the consumer, family and caregivers as well as collaborates with your primary care physician in order to maximize one’s total health and well-being.

Our services continue with our Peer Mentoring Program which is a service provided to empower, support, train and assist the consumer as well as the entire team in achieving those goals, dreams and desires. A Peer mentor is a person with a developmental disability who has learned successful life strategies through their own experiences. They differ from a Supports Coordinator as they offer first hand experiences on how to use community mental health services and resources available to people with disabilities. Our Peer Mentors will help guide you and empower you towards your own success.

It is our mission to provide the highest standard of care and to promote one’s wishes, dreams, and desires as well as to be part of one’s empowerment and path towards further independence. We are invested in serving the community with integrity, excellence and honor and would love to speak with you further about you or your loved ones needs and how we can be a part of achieving those dreams.

Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!